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Arranging A School Appearance

Bruce photo

Contact: Oddly Enough
P.O. Box 6110
Syracuse, NY 13217

For many years I have been visiting schools to make presentations on writing. For a long time I did not promote this portion of my activities, but simply waited for people to call me. However, so many program planners have become so apologetic about bothering me when they call that I finally decided it would be a good idea to let you know that not only am I willing to speak to school groups, but that I actually like doing so.

My standard presentation is 1 hour. The session will detail the creation of a book from the beginning of the idea until the time the manuscript is sold to a publisher. With younger children I usually focus the talk around The Foolish Giant, my first picture book. For older classes I generally use The Monster's Ring. The presentation includes a fair amount of humor, addresses questions of creativity, where ideas come from, and discusses issues regarding editing and rewriting. It also includes time for questions and answers.

I am willing to do up to three presentations in a school day. While I work with groups of all sizes and all ages, I feel that what I have to offer is most effective for children from second grade on up. (Three presentations is not necessarily a good idea—especially if you want to have autographing. It's just the outer limit of what I am willing to do.)

I can also work with small groups for special purposes. For example, I can do a workshop for students who have an intense interest in writing, or run a seminar style discussion with students who are particularly interested in science fiction. This often makes for a nice change of pace within a day.

If you are interested in having me speak to your students, parents, faculty or librarian's groups, please email us at and let us know briefly what you are looking for and the prospective dates you have in mind. Either myself or my assistant Mike will get back to you as quickly as possible with availability and price information.