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Space Brat

About the Story…

The Biggest Brat on Planet Splat!

It wasn’t really Blork’s fault he was a brat. It was the piece of eggshell that got stuck behind his ear the day he was hatched. It made him cry. But baby Splatoons aren’t supposed to cry. So Blork got a brat label stuck on his head.

Soon Blork really was a brat—the worst on the planet Splat. And he learned to throw tantrums better than anyone else on the planet. But even a mega-tantrum can’t save Blork’s pet poodnoobie the day it’s take away by the Big Pest Squad.

Space Brat 2: Blork’s Evil Twin

About the Story…

Double Trouble on the Planet Splat!

Blork has reformed. No longer is he the biggest brat on Splat. But some people, such as Appus Meko, don’t like that. Some people thought life was more fun when they could make Blork explode whenever they felt a little bored. Some people are actually trying to get Blork to have another tantrum.

And when Blork gets blamed for the terrible thing that happens to Moomie Peevik at the Museum of New Inventions, it looks like they may succeed.

But that’s before the arrival of Blork’s evil twin, Krolb—who just may be the rottenest kid in the history of the planet!

Space Brat 3: The Wrath of Squat

About the Story…

What is Squat’s Evil Plan?

When Blork is declared a her and invited to the Galactic Celebration, his old enemy, Squat, decides it is time to take revenge. With the help of his personal mad scientist, Squat hatches a plan to humiliate Blork in front of the entire galaxy.

Soon Blork and his friends are hurtling through space, on a trip toward destiny, crankiness, and the strangest tantrum in the history of the galaxy.

Space Brat 4: Planet of the Dips

About the Story…

The silliest planet in the galaxy

Dr. Pimento just can’t keep his hands of things. (He is a mad scientist, after all!) But when he fiddles with the wiring on Blork’s new ship, his mistake sends the entire crew hurtling off to the silliest planet in the galaxy.

Captain Blork soon learns that silly doesn’t mean safe. He also learns that if the wants to keep his pet poondnoobie, he will have to find a way to uncover the strange secret of the Planet of the Dips. Even then, it may take a famous Space Brat tantrum to get his friends out of this mess.

Space Brat 5: The Saber-Toothed Poodnoobie

About the Story…

The land that time WANTED to forget

Q. What’s bigger and dumber than a poodnoobie?

A. A prehistoric poodnooobie—which is exactly what Blork and his friends run into when they are thrown back in time to prehistoric Splat!

Dr. Pimento, naturally, is excited by the chance to explore the mysteries of the ancient world. For the rest of the crew, the main mystery is how to survive in a world filled with enormous creatures that can’t wait to fond out what they taste like.

Until they meet the most mysterious creature of all—and Blork is forced to make a terrible decision that will affect the future of the entire planet.