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The Foolish Giant

About the Story…

Harry is a foolish giant. When he tries to be helpful, he gets into all kinds of trouble—like the time he picks the mayor’s best apple trees, thinking they are flowers. One day the townspeople get so annoyed, they tell Harry to leave. But when Harry goes, the wicked wizard on the hill turns the mayor’s wife into a cow, and that’s only the beginning! Soon the townspeople realize they need their foolish giant—but will Harry help them?

“A treat for beginners… grand make-believe.”—Publishers Weekly

The Lapsnatcher

About the Story…

Poor Jacob. When his mother was pregnant, he thought having a little sister might be fun.

That was before he found out what it’s really like to have a new baby in the house—a baby who gets everything Jacob wants, including his mother’s lap!

Something has to be done about this lapsnatcher. But what?

Parents and children alike will be amused by Jacob’s efforts to deal with the new baby—and delighted by the heartwarming conclusion to this charming story about love and family.

Herds of Thunder, Manes of Gold (A collection of horse stories and poems)

Following the tradition of The Unicorn Treasury—Bruce Coville’s last book for Doubleday—here is another marvelous gift collection of both classic and original stories and poems.

“Within this enticing collection is material enough to bring sighs of satisfaction from confirmed unicorn lovers and make converts of skeptical newcomers… This book does exactly what anthologies should do. It satisfies on its own while leading readers irresistibly to the longer works of its writers.”—School Library Journal

My Grandfather’s House

About the Story…

Thus begins a young boy’s affecting story of remembrance and understanding. When his beloved grandfather dies, a child is understandably full of questions. Where did he go? Does this mean he doesn’t love me anymore.?

This is a book for families to share.

The Prince of Butterflies

About the Story…

Two days after John Farrington's eleventh birthday, a migration of monarch butterflies landed on his house.

They are light as air, soft as feathers, fragile as a dream. They are lost and need a guide to lead them to safety-someone like eleven-year-old John Farrington. They will change his life forever.

Passionate, moving, and inspiring, this flight of fantasy from master storyteller Bruce Coville is a timely fable about the difficulties—and the rewards—of staying true to one's heart.

Sarah and the Dragon

About the Story…

Sarah was friends with a unicorn named Oakhorn. She had another friend too—Mrs. Bunjy the ladybug. They were good friends, but sometimes Sarah wanted a little more excitement. Sarah wanted an adventure.

One day, Sarah's wish comes true! She is snatched up by a dragon and taken to his castle in the clouds. But being a prisoner in the sky is too much adventure, even for Sarah. She wants to go home. The dragon wants to keep her forever. It is up to her old friends, Oakhorn, Mrs. Bunjy, and Sarah's Aunt Mag to rescue her. The three set off for the castle in the clouds, ready to fight, and they come face to face with a big surprise!

"An effervescent story, make-believe at its best.—Publishers Weekly

Sarah’s Unicorn

About the Story…

Sarah’s Aunt Mag was a wicked witch. So when Sarah made friends with a unicorn, she kept it a secret. Mag found out and did her evil best to spoil things. But she hadn’t counted on Sarah or the forest animals… or the unicorn’s own special powers.

“Welcomes beginning readers to the world of fantasy in a story which is simple and direct, yet woven with moonbeams.”—School Library Journal

“When a good witch, Aunt Mag, conjures up a spell that bombs and transforms her into a wicked witch, she begins to treat her little niece Sarah abominably. Sent into the forest to gather roads, the child meets Oakhorn, a unicorn. Oakhorn becomes Sarah’s loving friend and teaches her to talk with the animals. They all have happy times until Mag tries to lop off the unicorn’s horn. An effervescent story, make-believe at its best.”—Publisher’s Weekly

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