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How I Survived My Summer Vacation

About the Story…

“The Camp where ghost stories come alive.”

As soon as Stuart Glassman sees the ad for a summer movie camp, he knows that this is the place for him. What the ad doesn’t say is that Camp Haunted Hills is run by Gregory Stevens, the man who makes the world’s scariest movies—and that he plan to try out his special effects on the campers!

Expect the unexpected, Stevens says. So Stuart gets used tot he shark rising out of the lake and the witch flying around the campfire. But what about the ghost perched on top of the outhouse? And the giant footsteps leading into the woods? Can it be that the camp is haunted for real?

Some of My Best Friends Are Monsters

About the Story…

“The Hairiest Summer Ever”

Stuart has managed to survive his first few weeks at Camp Haunted Hills, the movie camp where anything can happen—and usually does. So he isn’t surprised when Lucius Colton, the camp bully, turns into a hairy monster before his eyes—until he figures out it isn’t a trick!

With the help of his pal Brenda and Robert the ghost, Stuart turns Lucius back into his normal, obnoxious self. But how can he keep the rest of the campers from becoming monsters, too?

Can Stuart and Brenda save Camp Haunted Hills from monster mayhem?

The Dinosaur that Followed Me Home

About the Story…

“Talk about Tall Tales”

Last summer at Camp Haunted Hills, Staurt was kidnapped by a bigfoot, chased by a mummy, and stalked by werewolves. So why should this summer be any different?

Stuart’s wildest imaginings can’t match what happens this time around at the outrageous movie camp run by Hollywood’s hottest director. While filming a movie at camp set in the prehistoric era, Stuart and his friends are accidentally blasted into the past! When they finally return to the present, three dinosaurs come along for the ride! Stuart must get the dinosaurs back to their own age, or it could be curtains for life as we know it. Can the campers blast them back to the past—and keep the dinosaurs a really big secret until they do?