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Books  >  The A. I. Gang Series

Operation Sherlock

About the Story…

When five brilliant but wacky kids get dragged to a deserted island by their scientist parents, they decide to do what any self-respecting kid geniuses would do under the circumstances: beat the adults at their own game

The only problem is, before the gang can discover whether artificial intelligence is an impossible dream or the solution to mankind’s problems, they’ll first have to save themselves from a horrifying death trap—and the entire island from destruction at the hands of a mad bomber!

Robot Trouble

About the Story…

Some days a gang of kid geniuses just can’t win. As if it wasn’t bad enough that the A.I. Gang has Sergeant Brody’s terrifying security robots crimping their activities and the mysterious Black Glove out for their hides, now they’ve managed to get on the bad side of an international superspy who has secretly invaded Anza-bora Island.

Of course a little thing that won’t stop these kids from coming up with new schemes. But when Rachel talks the others into building a rocket to launch Dr. Weiskopf’s singing robot, Twerpy, on a vital space mission, it turns out that the final countdown to blastoff is also a countdown to death.

Forever Begins Tomorrow

About the Story…

When it comes down to adults versus kids, who’s going to believe a group of kids—even if they are geniuses? That’s the problem the A.I. gang faces when they find themselves locked in their death-defying final showdown with the mysterious Black glove.

Facing danger and disgrace, the gang fights on with only the help of a mysterious friend to give them an occasional clue. But these six kids just can’t give up. Would you, if you were the only thing standing in the way of a high-tech horror that could spell destruction for the entire planet?