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Coville's Book of Fear

About the Story…

For lovers of the dark and spooky, a collection of a half dozen of my most frightening short stories, starting with "There's Nothing Under the Bed" - my personal choice for my all time scariest. (My editors says it still gives her nightmares!) First time this particular group has been gathered in single collection. Also included: a new introduction, and notes on the genesis of each story.

A Glory of Unicorns

About the Story…

“A Gathering, A Glory:

It is a game among people who love words to come up with appropriate terms of groups of animals, such as a gaggle of geese, a pride of lions, and a knot of toads. To this list I propose a new addition: A Glory of Unicorns. Of course, one unicorn is glorious in and of itself. But when you have several of them together, that is something else indeed. It is a thought to lift the heart and make it sing. A glory.

Half Human

About the Story…

A girl is born with the fire of dragon blood in her veins, and another longs for the feel of water against her skin. A scarecrow wonders at the world around him, and a fallen angel tries to reclaim her family's soul.

These are the stories about people who are not wholly human and the animals that are not purely animal—beings that stand between the two worlds feeling the emotions, thrills, and confusions of both. There are those who must make a choice: to live as human and never feel the powerful soaring of wings and fins carrying them beyond the human world or to transform to their animal selves and leave loved ones and security behind. And there are those for whom the choice has already been made. For all, the struggle will be to find meaning and purpose in their lives afterward

Stories compiled and edited by Bruce Coville including Mr. Coville's short story, The Hardest, Kindest Gift. Other short stories by Tim Waggoner, Janni Lee Simner, Jude Mandell, Nancy Springer, Tamora Pierce, Gregory Maguire, Jane Yolen, and D.J. Malcolm, with an original poem by Lawrence Schimel. These stories offer a profound insight into humanity that will be appreciated by readers young and old.

Herds of Thunder, Manes of Gold

About the Story…

Following the tradition of The Unicorn Treasury—Bruce Coville’s last book for Doubleday—here is another marvelous gift collection of both classic and original stories and poems.

“Within this enticing collection is material enough to bring sighs of satisfaction from confirmed unicorn lovers and make converts of skeptical newcomers… This book does exactly what anthologies should do. It satisfies on its own while leading readers irresistibly to the longer works of its writers.”—School Library Journal

The Unicorn Treasury

About the Story…

Stories, Poems, and Unicorn Lore

They live!—in the heart of every true believer, in the untamed wilds of the imagination, and in the pages of this collection of stories and poems by various authors compiled and edited by master unicorn chronicler Bruce Coville.

A thief braves a deadly maze to steal helaing waters from a unicorn's well… A princess must choose between her love of a silver colt and her love of her father, the king… A young unicorn is given a mission to heal a girl who is not sick, but who has decided to die…

Bringing together the singular talents of Madeleine L'Engle, Jane Yolen, C.S.Lewis, Myra Cohn Livingston, and many others, The Unicorn Treasury reminds us that as long as we can dream there will be unicorns.

Oddly Enough

About the Story…

“Take a walk on the odd side”

“Give me the Box!”

One night when he was lying in his bed, Michael heard a voice.

“Give me the box,” it said.

Michael sat up.

“Who are you?” he asked.

“I am the angel,” said the voice. “I have come for my box.”

“You are not my angel,” shouted Michael. He was beginning to grow frightened.

“Your angel has sent me. Give me the box.”

“No. I can only give it to my angle.”

“Give me the box!”

“NO!” cried Michael.

There was roar, and a rumble of thunder. A cold wind came shrieking through his bedroom…

Welcome to the weird world of Bruce Coville, a world populated by aliens and unicorns, willing werewolves and tender vampires, monsters and… more. A world where nothing is every quite what it seems—nor quite what you expect.

Come on in and take a walk on the odd side.

“Deliciously chilling… will make readers laugh out loud with relief and pleasure.”—School Library Journal

“The rich diversity of moods that Coville evokes in this collection… serves as a testament to his breadth as a writer.”—Language Arts

A Booklist Best Fiction Book for Young Adults

Odder Than Ever

About the Story…

Beloved for his outlandishly entertaining novels, Bruce Coville is also a master of the short story. This companion to Oddly Enough features another wide-ranging collection of tales—some witty, some wise, all vintage Coville.

A ghost who died under hilarious circumstances haunts a kitchen baking “Biscuits of Glory,” while in the grand saga “The Golden Sail,” a teen finds a treasure he didn’t know he was seeking. There is a heartbreaking story from Elives’ Magic Shop, “The Metamorphosis of Justin Jones”; a little-known fairy tale about the Stinky Princess”; and the bittersweet title story from the critically acclaimed anthology Am I Blue?

In all, nine wildly strange, wonderful tales are gathered here each odder than its fellows, and each as moving as it is funny. A perfect introduction to Bruce Coville’s magic, Odder Than Ever also has a treat for die-hard fans: three never-before published stories!

Odds Are Good

About the Story…

From the imagination of Bruce Coville comes this far-reaching and fantastic collection of short stories. Within, there is something sure to satisfy each reader.

Tickle your funny bone with tales like Duffy's Jacket, Biscuits of Glory, and The Stinky Princess. Marvel at the amazing transformations experienced in Homeward Bound and The Metamorphosis of Justin Jones. Embark on thrilling adventures with the characters of The Golden Sail and The Passing of the Pack. And you just may want to sleep with the light on after reading chillers such as The Language of Blood and There's Nothing Under The Bed.

These eighteen extraordinary stories, originally published in the books Oddly Enough and Odder Than Ever, range in tone from magical to mysterious, hilarious to heartwarming. They are all wildly entertaining… and just a little bit odd!

Oddest of All