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Bruce Coville's Book of Aliens II

About the Story:

The Aliens are Coming!

Ever wonder if there’s life in outer space? Have you ever seen a strange light in the sky and hoped it was a UFO about to whisk you off to a distant galaxy?

Then beam yourself up for Bruce Coville’s second collection of out-of-this-world tales. You’ll meet aliens on far-flung planets and in your own backyard. But be careful! Some of these beings are out to destroy humankind—although if you know how to ask, they might share the secrets of the universe instead. Other aliens may just have taken a wrong turn into our solar system. Maybe they look exactly like you—or like something you’d eat for breakfast! So if Bruce Coville’s first Book of Aliens left you hungry for more extraterrestrial encounters, fasten your seat belt for another wild ride into space. You’ll never look at the universe the same way again!

Includes Through the Starry Door, Part II of The Monsters of Morley Manor.

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