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Bruce Coville's Book of Ghosts II

About the Story:

They’re calling your name…

Quiet—did you hear something? An eerie noise come from the attic? Was someone moaning, calling out to you from the darkness…?

If you love the chills that skitter along your pine when you sense that ghosts are near, this book’s for you. Within these pages lurk the phantoms of million-year-old sharks, tantrum-throwing tots, and master biscuit bakers—and even the spirit of a legendary pig. Here you’ll find terrifying wraiths out for revenge, and spectral beings that defy description. You might run into a ghost who desperately needs your help—or perhaps one who’s waiting in the shadows for a very different reason…

No matter what kind of ghost gives you the shivers, your spirit will not let you rest until you enjoy this creepy collection of ghost stories!

Includes A Trip to the Land of the Dead, Part III of The Monsters of Morley Manor.

We do not have any copies of Bruce Coville's Book of Ghosts II available for order at this time—sorry!