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The Evil Elves

About the Story:

This quest has changed. It isn't just to let you keep doing magic now. It's to save the kingdom from a terrible war!

Moongobble has successfully completed two of his three Mighty Tasks: He's collected the Golden Acorns of Alcoona and bottled the tears of the Weeping Werewolf. There's only one more Might Task to go and Moongobble will become a member of the Society of Magicians. But this might be the most difficult one of them all. Moongobble must go deep into the Great Forest of Boodle to recover the Queen's Belly Button, a magical stone that was plucked off an ancient statue by a band of elves. The Belly Button has the power to tempt its owner to do evil things—and those elves have been causing trouble left and right.

Moongobble enlist the help of Edward, Urk, the Rusty Knight, fireball the Dragon, and Arfur, an old friend. Even with their help, this task won't be easy. Anyone who attempts to steal the Belly Button and fails will be turned into stone! Will Moongobble be able to successfully steal the stone and resist the powers?

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The Evil Elves is available in the following editions:

Hardcover   $14.95  
Paperback   $5.99  

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