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Fortune’s Journey

About the Story:

When 17 year old Fortune Plunkett's father dies, he leaves her with her two things: his acting troupe, and a deathbed wish that she fulfill his dream and lead the players across the continent to San Francisco.

It's 1853, and the Gold Rush is in full swing. In the little town of Busted Heights the actors pick up an additional player: the naive-but-eager Jamie Halleck, who burns with desire to be on the stage.

Soon after the real journey begins. Joining a wagon train, Fortune and her actors find more action, adventure, and drama than any of their plays could offer in this carefully researched historical adventure.

The year is 1853. Bravely carrying on the work of her late father’s acting troupe, young Fortune Plunkett is leading the group west on a wagon train bound for San Francisco. It’s a journey fraught with danger and disaster—as well as unexpected discoveries for the members of the troupe.

“The adventures of the traveling actors in a Conestoga wagon on the Oregon Trail… are robust and fun… preteens will gobble up the story; absorbing some information on the way.”—Booklist

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