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The Ghost Wore Gray

About the Story:

“What a Hunk! Too bad he’s dead…”

Sixth-grader Nina Tanleven persuades her architect father to let her best friend, Chris, go with them to stay in the old country inn he’s restoring. The afternoon they arrive, the girls find a faded Civil War photograph of a very handsome Confederate soldier. Nina and Chris are stunned when the ghost of the young soldier suddenly appears at the dinner table that night! They realize he’s the ghost who they’ve heard haunts the inn.

When he appears to them again—no one else can see him—Nina and Chris know that the ghost is trying tot ell them something. But What? To find out, the girls begin investigating the old inn. And soon they are swept up in a frightening mystery that began more than a hundred years earlier—a mystery involving danger, greed, a hidden room… and a buried treasure!

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