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Goblins in the Castle

GOBLINS IN THE CASTLE is a personal favorite of mine, partly because Igor was a character that I used to use when I was teaching. In fact, I wrote the first version of the story because my kids and I had so much fun with the idea.

That was way back in 1977, and it took me a long time to find the right publisher, and also to solve some problems with the way I had first written the story. (Fortunately, I had other things published in between!)

The funny thing is, GOBLINS IN THE CASTLE is actually more like the kind of book I started out to write than anything else I have had published. So it is especially pleasing to me to find out that kids really like it.

I have been thinking about writing a sequel to the book. I have three or four ideas that I am kicking around, including one that would tell about where the toad that gives the castle its name came from.

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