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Half Human

About the Story:

A girl is born with the fire of dragon blood in her veins, and another longs for the feel of water against her skin. A scarecrow wonders at the world around him, and a fallen angel tries to reclaim her family's soul.

These are the stories about people who are not wholly human and the animals that are not purely animal—beings that stand between the two worlds feeling the emotions, thrills, and confusions of both. There are those who must make a choice: to live as human and never feel the powerful soaring of wings and fins carrying them beyond the human world or to transform to their animal selves and leave loved ones and security behind. And there are those for whom the choice has already been made. For all, the struggle will be to find meaning and purpose in their lives afterward

Stories compiled and edited by Bruce Coville including Mr. Coville's short story, The Hardest, Kindest Gift. Other short stories by Tim Waggoner, Janni Lee Simner, Jude Mandell, Nancy Springer, Tamora Pierce, Gregory Maguire, Jane Yolen, and D.J. Malcolm, with an original poem by Lawrence Schimel. These stories offer a profound insight into humanity that will be appreciated by readers young and old.

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Half Human is available in the following editions:

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