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Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher

About the Story:

“She was just a little dragon… until she grew, and grew and grew… “

The adventure begins…

If Howard Morton and Freddie the Frog Killer were trying to hold you down so that Mary Lou Hutton could kiss you, you might run as fast as Jeremy Thatcher did the day he stumbled into Mr. Elives’ Magic Shop.

And if you stumbled into that strange shop, you, too might be asked to make a choice. What would you buy? The Chinese rings? The Skull of Truth? Or the dragon’s egg?

And if you did buy the dragon’s egg, what would you do when you found out you were supposed to hatch it?

“A funny, enjoyable, imaginative story…”—Kirkus

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Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher is available in the following editions:

Paperback   $6.99  

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