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Juliet Dove, Queen of Love

About the Story:

Rats! Juliet Dove's worst nightmare is about to come true: People are going to start noticing her.

For anyone else, that'd be no big deal, but Juliet Dove isn't like anyone else. Whenever she's teased, shy Juliet defends herself… by saying the sorts of mean things that should never be said.

It is Juliet's vicious mouth that sends her fleeing to Mr. Elives' magic shop, but it is her tender heart that causes her to leave with a beautiful amulet. The ancient bauble casts a powerful spell on every boy she meets: each falls hopelessly in love with her. Worse still, Juliet can't take the amulet off… and its power seems to be increasing.

A sidesplittingly funny, heartbreaking whirlwind of a novel about the high cost of loving—and the courage it takes to speak from the heart.

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Juliet Dove, Queen of Love is available in the following editions:

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