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William Shakespeare’s Hamlet

About the Story:

There is perhaps no work of fiction quoted as often as William Shakespeare's Hamlet. This haunting tragedy of the prince who acts too slowly has touched audiences for centuries.

Now Bruce Coville, whose adaptations of other Shakespearean works have been widely praised, brings his talents to this great play. Expertly incorporating essential lines into his own rich prose, he creates a version that is accessible and enjoyable to young audiences who might be experiencing the Bard for the first time.

Acclaimed artist Leonid Gore adds intense, dreamlike images in acrylic and pastel. His depictions of Hamlet, Ophelia, and the rest of the kingdom are revelatory and unforgettable, helping to make this masterful volume a treasure for Shakespeare enthusiasts old an new.

We do not have any copies of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet available for order at this time—sorry!