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William Shakespeare’s The Tempest

About the Story:

A gorgeous fairy tale of a play, and a perfect introduction to Shakespeare for younger readers. It is also a play that young people should know. Prospero, Mirada, Ariel, and Caliban have entered the culture as icons and to be unaware of their provenance means missing references that are sometimes simply fun, sometimes a vital clue to what an author or artist is trying to do. In short, knowing these characters is a perfect example of what has come to be called “cultural literacy.”

“This dramatic picture book serves as a good introduction to Shakespeare’s well-loved play.”—Publishers Weekly

“Coville tells the central story of The Tempest in a graceful, fairy-tale style… The simplified story and lavish pictures will help create an audience of the play.”—School Library Journal

We do not have any copies of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest available for order at this time—sorry!