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The World’s Worst Fairy Godmother

About the Story:

“Maybelle’s mixed up magic makes mind-boggling messes!”

“Maybelle strikes again!

Maybelle Clodnowski is in big trouble. Every spell she casts seems to backfire. After her latest disaster (instead of turning a frog into a prince, she turned a princess into a frog!), her boss gives her one last chance. Her job: reform a perfectly obnoxious kid named Susan.

Watching over Maybelle will be tart and touchy Edna Prim, Fairy Godmother of the Year for the last 147 years running.

Alas, Maybelle has a secret enemy working against her. When that enemy causes Maybelle’s plans to backfire, the magical mix-ups throw the entire town into an uproar.

Can a good heart triumph over bad magic? Or will Maybelle and Edna find themselves facing a fate worse than death?

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