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The Mischief Monster

About the Story:

Sometimes when you get what you want, it's not as good as you thought it would be. Ever since Edward's good friend Moongobble became a full magician, life has been rather boring. No more adventures.

But then Snelly comes bursting in to their lives. She's the daughter of the queen of Mischief Monsters, and she has run away. If Edward, Moongobble, and their friends don't return Snelly to her home right away, her mom will start a Mischief war. And that would be really annoying!

So Edward, Moongobble, Urk, and Fireball set off on another adventure, this time to return Snelly to her home in Monster Mountain. But when they get there they find a bigger surprise waiting for them than they ever could have imagined.

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The Mischief Monster is available in the following editions:

Paperback   $5.99  

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