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The Naughty Nork

About the Story:

Edward and Moongobble are on a quest. They're out break the curse of the Oggledy Nork because Moongobble is convinced every curse can be broken. But When in comes to magic, things are never that easy.

The Oggledy Nork may appear to be a lumbering monster who breaks everything in his path, but he doesn't mean to. His family was cursed generations ago by an old woman, and now Edward, Moongobble, and all their friends have to go to Flitwick City to find the cure.

But wouldn't you know it, when they find the old woman, she has some demands before she will break the curse on Oggledy Nork. So where Edward thought their troubles would end, they're only just beginning!

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The Naughty Nork is available in the following editions:

Hardcover   $15.99  
Paperback   $5.99  

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