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Sixth Grade Alien Bundled Set
Sixth Grade Alien Hardcover Bundle On Sale.

Here is a bundle of hardcover editions of the first 5 books in the SIXTH GRADE ALIEN series (retail value $89.95)  for a mere $59.95 — Autographed!

What is there not to like about a purple alien with a head knob called a sphen-gnut-ksher who has to try to fit into his normal-kid sixth grade class here on Earth? I mean, didn’t we all feel like we were purple outsiders?  Buy Now!


I am children’s author Bruce Coville. If you’re a long time fan, welcome! If you are brand new to my books . . . welcome!

Quick version of who I am: I’ve been writing stories for kids for over 40 years. In that time I’ve published over 100 books, including My Teacher is an Alien, Into the Land of Unicorns, and Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher.

If you need information for an author study that you’ve been assigned (sorry about that . . . I never intended to become anyone’s homework!) you’ll find lots here. We have a biography page, photos both serious and goofy, a list of all my books, and a handful of writing tips.

We also have information about how to organize a school visit, and a way to order books with personalized autographs . . . plus, stuff that’s here just for fun!

So come on in and poke around!

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