Fan Art Contributors

I love it when fans bring my characters to life through drawing, painting sculpture, costume! Keep ’em coming!

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Dani K

Cavan Merrigan


Alexis Carbajal

Clare Gundersen

Jared Dauster

Lesley Anne Tylczak

Mazi Starrett

Kylie Kelsch

Justina Brandt

Kim Paul

Victoria Taylor

Kayla Graybill

Shelby Janes

Kevin Nordstrom

Byron-Bergen Middle School Art Club

Vickie Schoellhammer

Jillian Flynn

Tom Villman

Jamie Holmes

Jack Carnegie

Benjamin Banker

Anna Gardner

Emma Gawthrop

Zippora Shealor

Kimi Leslie

Tony Sansevero

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No—it’s Bruce Coville!

The One And Only Bruce Coville Action Figure*
designed by Tony Sansevero

*Sorry folks. This amazing Bruce Coville action figure is not sold in stores.
Tony was the illustrator for my Sixth Grade Alien series.

Hallie Bess

Hannah Rembert

Robert Beech, Groundskeeper

Laura Davison

Savannah Brielle

Ivy Beck

Jaycie Pillig

Krista Thompson

Mrs. Whatley and her 4th grade class

Lincoln Elementary School

Amanda Dawson’s 5th grade class

Miss Ciesla’s 3rd Grade Class

Allen Road Elementary School, North Syracuse, NY

“I have read two of your books aloud to my 3rd grade class this year: Into the Land of Unicorns and Always October.After we finished Always October, my students drew themselves as the monsters they thought they would turn into if they wore LD’s magic bracelet during the full moon. My students are very excited to see their artwork on your awesome website!”

Chrissy Gallo

Kathryn and Steven

Crystal Coppedge