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Amanda from Smithfield, RI wrote on May 22, 2024
Hey Bruce. I am one of your fans of into the land of the unicorns from a long time ago. I was in middle school when I read the first book and I’m 40 this year so it’s been a while. I still love that series and managed to get all the hardcovers for the books, except the first one because I think you told me it never went to hardcover. I lived in Warwick, RI when I signed your guestbook before.

I just saw the rainbow edition of the series but the titles of the books I don’t recognize. If it was explained somewhere I apologize. What is this rainbow edition, besides the colors of the books ?🤔😄
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hi, Amanda -

Nice to hear from you. There was a hardcover edition of the first book, though that is no longer in print.

It was the 4th book that became a real problem because Scholastic never issued it in paperback. So there were only about 17,000 copies of the book in the whole world - the final part of a story that started with a book that had sold over a million copies. It was just crazy not to put it in paperback.

Eventually I got the rights to the entire series back. When I hired a designer to help with republishing them, she suggested we split up the third and fourth books (DARK WHISPERS and THE LAST HUNT) because they were so ridiculously long compared to the first book. So we cut DW in half, and divided LAST HUNT into four parts. This required some rewriting and I added some additional chapters, but the basic story remains as it was told. The Rainbow Edition is that seven volume set. It worked out well because the Rainbow Prison is an important part of the story.

All best,
Karen Heasley from Meridian wrote on May 14, 2024
Dear Mr. Coville,
My sister is almost five years older than I am, and as kids, we didn’t interact much…unless we were fighting. But for some reason, she picked up Goblins in the Castle and read it to me. She made up special voices for each character, and brought your book to life. After that, I did my best to hunt down as many of your books as I could find at my library, and each one I found took me on the best adventures. As I finished reading Goblins in the Castle to my daughters tonight, I just felt so much gratitude to you for sharing your stories and creating such wonderful worlds. Thank you for the work you (and your wife) have put in over the years, and thank you for the happy and tender memories your books have given me. I am looking forward to sharing more of your stories with my kids!

Wishing you the very best,
Karen Heasley
Reply by Bruce Coville
Karen - Thank you so much for this lovely message! The fact that GOBLINS created such a link between you and your sister, and you are now sharing that same book with your daughters fills me with delight! Please tell your sister and your daughters that I said "Hello!" and that Igor says "BOP!"


Patricia from Houston wrote on May 8, 2024
I’ve been a huge fan of your books for over twenty years. The magic that I grew up with as a child is still just as amazing and wonderful every time I read your books as an adult. I have the best memories of sitting in my public library reading all of your books. I can’t wait to introduce my daughters to your amazing world of wonder. Thank you for enriching my childhood and my imagination.
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hi, Patricia -

Thanks for this message. One of the best things about being around as long as I have is becoming a "two-generation author." As someone who loved reading to his kids when I was a young father, I love knowing that other parents are now using my own books in the same way!

Julianna Jennings wrote on May 1, 2024
I am a huge fan. Your stories give me so much excitement, half the time I can't put them down. My favorite series is The Unicorn Chronicles. When I am reading it, I feel like I'm in Luster. I can't wait to read more of your books. - Julianna
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hi, Julianna -

Thanks for this wonderful message. It thrills me to know that when you're reading the books you feel as if you are IN Luster. That was exactly the kind of experience I was trying to give my readers, as it was my own favorite feeling when I was reading fantasy novels myself!

seo service UK from dqwedq wrote on March 2, 2024
I wish more authors of this type of content would take the time you did to research and write so well. I am very impressed with your vision and insight.
Reply by Bruce Coville
Thank you - I appreciate the kind words!

Lauren D. from Paris wrote on February 20, 2024
Hi! I have been a fan since I was a child, and I remember going to the library with my mom growing up and getting to pick out what to read. I always gravitated towards your books, without even realizing it. I read The Unicorn Chronicles countless times, and this past Christmas my mom got me the full set to have at home. Even at 22, turning 23, I am still delighted getting to read your work. There are more that I have yet to read, and I look forward to getting to read them as well. Blessed to have your work as part of my childhood, and blessed to continue having it in my life as an adult. I cannot wait to pass these books on to my children one day and watch them dive into the stories that I was able to as well. Thank you for being such a genuine person, with an amazing story and writing ability. - Lauren
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hi, Lauren -

Many thanks for this delightful message! Your ongoing love for my books warms my heart!

Cecilia from Eaton wrote on February 14, 2024
Feb 8, 2024
Dear Bruce Coville,
I’m in 4th grade and in W.I.N reading group we read The Monster’s Ring. It was one of the best books I’ve read and trust me I love to read! Now, I’m planning on reading another one of your books with Mr. Elives Magic Shop. What is your favorite book you wrote? I’ve only read one of your books (The Monster’s Ring ) and it was probably my favorite. Please write back.

Sincerely, Cecilia Allbritton
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hi Cecilia -

Thanks for this note. I'm delighted that you loved THE MONSTER'S RING. Here's a little secret about it . . . both Russell and Eddie are based on real kids that I had in my class back when I was a 4th grade teacher myself!

I don't like to name a favorite book - it's a little like saying which of my kids I loved the most! ;> I can tell you that of the MAgic Shop books, I do believe that JEREMY THATCHER, DRAGON HATCHER is the one that will have the longest life!

All good wishes,
Kinlee from Eaton wrote on February 14, 2024
February 7, 2024
Dear Bruce Coville,

I am a huge fan of your books! I am a fourth grade student and we just finished reading one of your books, The Monster’s Ring. It was one of the best books I’ve ever read. I plan on reading more of your books with Mr. Elives! I also have some questions for you.
What is your favorite book that you wrote?
What is your most popular book?
What is your favorite about being an author
How do you find time to write your books?

I have a few more questions for you to answer. What is your favorite color? My favorite color is navy blue. I would like to know if we have the same music interests. What is your favorite song? Mine is called Monster by Skillet.
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hi, and thanks for this lovely note! THE MONSTER'S RING is an important book for me, because it is the one where I first found the Magic Shop to write about. I've had a lot of fun with that place for 5 books now.

I don't like to name a favorite book . . . that's like saying which one of my kids I like best! But I can tell you that my most popular book (at least, based on sales) is MY TEACHER FLUNKED THE PLANET.

My favorite thing about being an author is being able to create characters that people love (or hate!) As far as time, back when I had a regular job, I would get up very early in the morning to write before I went to work. Now writing and speaking in schools are my only job.

My favorite color varies from day to day, but right now it is purple. As to music, I love Broadway musicals and my favorite song is "Finishing the Hat" because it is about the price you pay for being dedicated to your art.

Thanks again for your message. Happy Reading!

Connor wrote on February 3, 2024
I had a conversation this morning that reminded me of reading Into the Land of the Unicorns when I was a child and that led me on a quick google journey that brought me to this site. It made me smile so much when I realized how prominently you highlight your wife’s work, and it brought back so many fond memories of devouring your books as a kid who found comfort in fantasy lands. I hope 2024 is a year filled with as much joy for you and your family as you’ve brought people like me.
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hi, Connor -

Wow. Many thanks for this lovely note. It delights me to know that the books still hold a place in your heart. Thanks for taking the time to let me know.

Best wishes, from both myself and my wife!

Kari T. from Virginia Beach wrote on January 10, 2024
Hi Bruce,

I bought a copy of Into the Land of the Unicorns at my elementary school’s Scholastic book fair in 1994. I was 8 or 9 at the time and was sold by the beautiful cover art. I loved books back then and read a lot but I think that was the first book that truly immersed me in its world and left a lasting impact on my life and imagination. I’m not a skilled writer like yourself so it’s hard for me to convey how special that book was to me at that time in my life. But just know it completely captivated me and gave me sense of wonder and magic in the world that I can still feel when I look at that cover today.

It also left a HUGE hole in my heart when I realized there wasn’t a sequel to read in the months and years to follow! It ate away at me for so long! And after several more years of searching (many in the days before the internet) I gave up hope of ever finding out what happened next. I figured maybe the series had been abandoned. HA, how wrong was I?!

Luckily, I kept that book fair copy for just about 30 years now…and this week, I started reading it to my four year old daughter. She gets so excited to read it each night, and so do I. Even my husband has found himself invested in the story. Well as we near the end of the book I decided to try one more search in hopes of finding a sequel after all these years. And to my delight I find that it is indeed a complete series! And now here I am reading these other wonderful comments from readers with experiences so similar to mine. It makes my heart so happy.

Bruce, to be able to complete this adventure after 30 years brings me such an odd sense of peace. And to share it with my daughter makes it so much more magical. Your story is something that is so instilled in my childhood and I am so enthralled that I get to continue the journey with her.

Thank you for bringing so much joy and magic and wonder into the lives of so many. You’ve left a lasting impact on this world and I hope you’re proud of your prolific career!
Reply by Bruce Coville
Dear Kari -

What a wonderful message! Though I must say, I am torn between my sheer delight at knowing your joy in having finally found the remaining books and my ongoing sense of guilt for how long it took me to finish the series to begin with!

Also, I am amazed that you held onto that first book or all these years, That you are now sharing Luster with your daughter truly warms my heart. Thank you for taking the time to tell me how much these books mean to you.

All good wishes,