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942 entries.
Carrie from Sammamish, WA USA wrote on January 22, 2013
One of my favorite books growing up was Sarah's Unicorn. I loved the story and spent hours looking at the wonderful drawings. I was so happy when I had my own little girl to be able to share the magic of one of my favorites with her. I am still amazed by the drawings and love to imagine what it must be like to have a unicorn as a friend.
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hi, Carrie -

What a lovely message! Thank you for taking the time to stop by and tell me this. SARAH'S UNICORN was only my second book, but it's still one of the ones I'm most proud of. It delights me to know that you are now sharing it with your daughter!

khalexius burgess from wieser, idaho USA wrote on January 21, 2013
Bruce, LOL! well good night I will type to u tomorrow
Reply by Bruce Coville
G'night. I will not wish you "sweet dreams" Instead I wish you "thrilling and fascinating dreams"!

khalexius burgess from wieser, idaho USA wrote on January 21, 2013
Bruce, thanks for NOT telling us what u thouht i meant! Cause it probably wasnt very good!;)
Reply by Bruce Coville
Khexi - you're right, it wasn't. Beyond that, my lips are sealed! ;>

khalexius burgess from wieser, idaho USA wrote on January 21, 2013
Bruce, sorry I meant to say AH HUMBUG ! To the editors not "!" So ya sorry;)
Reply by Bruce Coville
LOL! I won't tell you what I thought you meant!
khalexius burgess from wieser, idaho USA wrote on January 21, 2013
Hey Bruce, thanks for trying and I hope u cant do more books in the UC but if u cant then "!" to the editors because I LOVE the UC and it makes me sad to that they don't wanna do anymore so I hope they do product another one!
Your fan, Khexi
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hi, Khexi -

Thanks for your support. The situation makes me sad, too. I can tell you that I am trying to find ways to change it!

Kaitee Skye from Edmonton, Canada USA wrote on January 21, 2013
HI bruce me and my friend kaitee are doing an Inglish project and we have to chose our fav writer,hi im kaitee i never read your books before but i bet their great! hi im skye and my fav book you wrote was jeremy thatcher the dragon hatcher its sooooo GOOD!
skye and kaitee
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hi, Kaitee and Skye (great names, by the way)

Hope you'll enjoy working on your project. Kaitee, you'll need to get crackin' and read at least one of the books! ;>

Hope you two get a good grade!

Byron Lee from Skaneateles, New York USA wrote on January 21, 2013
hey bruce!
thanks for the tips. i'll keep them in my thoughts.
my new question is, do you have any characters in your stories that are "bully" characters?
i can only remember Billy Becker from Aliens ate my Homework. do you have any other characters who are similar?
i made up a character named Jax Tramin. and i am intending to make him a bully character. (also,i want him to be the character that people will LOVE to HATE!)
please let me know! i could use your help!
Byron Lee
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hi, Byron -

As always, I am impressed with your dedication to your writing.

As to bullies - oh, yes, indeed. Many of my books have bullies in them. That is because they are so prevalent in real life, and so many kids have the experience of being bullied. Two specific bullies are Eddie in THE MONSTER'S RING and Duncan Dougal in MY TEACHER IS AN ALIEN.

khalexius burgess from wieser, idaho/83672 USA wrote on January 19, 2013
Dear bruce, i would like it if that you made a next generation in the unicorn chronicals. i love all of the and would like you to make lightfoot and belle have a girl maybe named Flica Mane and her to continue the quests with cara because i love this seires and can hardly stand it that there's no mmore. thanks, your fan, khalexius(or khexi for short)
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hi, Khexi -

I would like to do that, too. I have tons of ideas for more books set in Luster. Alas, my editor is not that enthusiastic about doing more books in the UC. Makes me kind of sad. I'll keep trying!


Dusty Rhoades Heer from Manlius, New York USA wrote on January 18, 2013
Thank you for responding to me and for your encouraging words. That meant a lot to me. The book has a good story, teaches valuable lessons and is beautifully illustrated. If anyone in your circle has more than a passing curiosity.....
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hey, Dusty -

I could tell very quickly that the book had a good heart. I wish you the best of luck with it!

Nicole from USA wrote on January 17, 2013
Hello Mr. Coville 🙂 I've searched everywhere and I can't seem to find the name of the character that you were originally going to put in the place of Cara in the Unicorn Chronicles--the Hispanic girl? I was wondering if you could remind me. I'm (finally) putting to use a plot bunny that's been running around in my head for the past few years and making a fanfiction, and I thought of putting a girl with her name in it as a cameo. Or a joke that only I will get. XD Thanks!
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hi, Nicole -

The character I first intended to send to Luster was named Rafaella de la Cruz.

Good luck chasing that plot bunny!!