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942 entries.
Mr.Read-A-Lot from ?, ? ? wrote on January 4, 2013
Dear Mr.Coville,
I planed on buying some of your books,but I didn't know if there's tax.So tell me,is there tax on your books?I went to Barnes and Noble,but they only had "Jeremy"!!
Hopeing a good new year to you,
Mr.Read-A-Lot 😀
Reply by Bruce Coville
Dear Mr. Read-A-Lot -

Sales tax on books is a state-by-state matter, so it depends on where you are. If you buy from my website and you live in NY, we have to charge tax, because that's where we're located. If you're in some other state, we don't.

By the way, though your Barnes and Noble only had JEREMY on the shelf, any B&N should be able to order any book you request of them.

Happy reading!

Kenia from milpitas, california USA wrote on January 2, 2013
Hi my brotner here,Isaac wants to know how old you are.:-) ( it's okay if you don't tell how old are 🙂 ):-)
Sincerely ,
Kenia and Isaac
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hi, Kenia and Isaac -

I was born in May of 1950. If you do the math, you can figure out how old I am! ;>

Kenia from milpitas, california USA wrote on January 2, 2013
Happy new year ,I hope you write more books!!!!!
Reply by Bruce Coville
Thanks, Kenia - Happy New Year to you, too!

I am working on some new books right now. I hope I can finish at least three of them this year!


PS: I answered your brother's question about my age - you'll find it on the guestbook.
Jesse L from Portland, OR USA wrote on January 2, 2013
Mr. Coville,
My name is Jesse, I'm 27 years old, and I just finished reading Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher. The book affected me as much now as it did when I first read it as a young boy. It moved me deeply. You were always my favorite author as a child, but it wasn't until I became an adult that I realized the extent to which your stories shaped me. Jeremy Thatcher, D.H., helped me understand that loving fantasy didn't make me weird, even in the face of those who said it did. Love matters, a lot, but sometimes... well, I won't spoil the end for others, but sometimes the hardest decisions are the right ones. The Aliens Ate my Homework books helped me realize that size doesn't matter, and that little relatives might have more to them than meets the eye.
But most important was My Teacher Blew Up the Planet. I was always a shy kid, who did what he was told. I was the "good" kid, but all that meant was I was good at pleasing adults. I don't know who I might have become were it not for books like this one. That "good"-ness in me might have become no more than a mask, except that it could not, for it had people like Peter, Susan, and Duncan in it. They taught me, really taught me, that however bad people could get, whatever awful things they did, it was because they hurt. "What is one may become many" may be simpler and more fantastic than the real world, but it so adequately sums up the division that is the source of cruelty. My genuine optimism for humanity lies firmly at your feet, sir. If nothing else in your career has given you a big head, I hope that does.
Warmest Regards,
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hi, Jesse -

Thank you for this beautiful message. I just participated in a video project about CHARLOTTE'S WEB, a book that affected me deeply when I was young. I think JEREMY THATCHER, DRAGON HATCHER is likely to be the closest I ever come to a book that has taht kind of impact, so this message was particularly meaningful for me.

Love does matter.

I write for many kids, among them the shy kids, the good kids, and the kids who need to break loose a bit.

Though my friends and family try to keep me from getting a "big head" I don't mind it happening on occasion. This beautiful message from you is one of thsoe occasions.

A message like this lets me know that I did the right thing by pouring my heart and soul into becoming an author. Thank you for making that be real.

All best,

Chrissy from NY USA wrote on January 1, 2013
Happy New Year!
Reply by Bruce Coville
Thanks, Chrissy. The same to you!!
Nicole from USA wrote on December 31, 2012
Happy New Year Mr. Coville! I hope 2013 is happy and blessed :))
Also, I finally succeeded in finding my copies of the Chronicles, and they have been restored to their place of honor on my bookshelf. I also reread them and got very nostalgic...there's a world of memory attached to those stories for me; I was eleven when I first read them and they were the first fictional world I ever truly fell in love with. I dreamed about Luster for years afterwards and forced the stories on all my friends (I'm still badgering one of them to finish the series so we can talk about them; she's read the first two). And I'm seventeen now and am currently on a huge Tolkien kick (and can I say that coming back to Luster after reading Tolkien gave me a new depth and appreciation for Luster, as well as Middle Earth), what with the Hobbit coming out, and coming back to the Unicorn Chronicles just hit the spot after so many years. :'D
I hope this made some kind of sense XD I had so much to say! Merry 2013 to you and yours 😀
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hi, Nicole -

Ah, what a lovely message. It delights me more than I can say to know that the Unicorn Chronicles have continued to be so important to you through all these years.

Tolkien is the master, the greatest of us all, and I owe a lot of what I do to having read his wondrous work when I was younger. He taught me how to build a world.

Have a lovely new year, my young friend. And thanks for staying in touch.

Byron Lee from Skaneateles, New York USA wrote on December 31, 2012
hey Bruce! Byron again. i remember sending you a message about goblins and orcs and telling their differences. I've fully confirmed that the orcs are going to be the size of humans or slightly taller,and goblins are going to be smaller than humans.
the group that i thought up for them was "The Orc And Goblin Swarms." in the story, they are a group of several clans of either orcs, goblins, or both.
my original was the Orc and Goblin Federation, but i switched it around because the word "federation" might make some people think of star trek.
i was buzzing myself on why they would be waging a war against the empire of Welterr, which is where my story takes place.
what do you think would be a reason for them to be in conflict?
please let me know!
Byron Lee
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hi, Byron -

Clearly you are thinking long and hard about this story, and working on many levels, trying hard to make it fresh and not cliched. GOOD FOR YOU!

Reason for conflict? Well, that will be the very root of the story, won't it? It could have to do with a kind of racial prejudice. Or some long ago injustice. (Look at many conflicts in the world today and you'll find that people are still fighting about things that happened a hundred years or more in the past.) Or perhaps some deep and painful, but at the root innocent - misunderstanding from some time ago.

Lots of possibilities! Keep thinking and writing, Byron. I know you have a passion for this.

Duke from Bentonville, AR USA wrote on December 31, 2012
Bruce[If I may call you that],
I plan to buy some of your books,but I don't know if there's tax or not!So what I'm asking is,when someone buys your books does it have TAX?
Your friend in Bentonville,
Duke J.
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hey, Duke -

Tax is a state-by-state issue. If you buy from my website and live in NYS, there will be tax. If you live somewhere else it will be tax free.

sara from USA wrote on December 29, 2012
thanks I'm going to need it my G.A.T.E. teacher is really tough
P.S. you are officially the first author to reply when I sent them a post
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hah! Glad to have that honor . . . though I have to confess, it is partly because you caught me at the right time.

Good luck with the project.

Margaret Ann Dimacali Bautista from morristown, NJ USA wrote on December 29, 2012
hi everyone i just wanted to say that moongobble and me is a great book every single book i find a awesome adventure
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hi, Margaret -

Thank you for this. My wife (who did the art) and I had so much fun creating the MOONGOBBLE AND ME books. In my career of over 100 books I think this was one of my most enjoyable projects. So it delights me to know that you enjoyed them, too.

All best,