Ivy by Katherine Coville


Ivy’s grandmother is a healer—to mostly four-legged patients of the forest.


Ivy’s grandmother is a healer—to mostly four-legged patients of the forest. Although the woodland creatures love her, the residents of Broomsweep grumble about Grandmother’s unkempt garden. When a kingdom-wide contest is announced to proclaim the tidiest town in the land, the people of Broomsweep are determined to win. That is, if they can get Ivy’s grandmother to clean up her ways. Ivy is determined to lend a hand, but the task proves more challenging when a series of unexpected refugees descends on Grandmother’s cottage. Before the week is over, an injured griffin, a dragon with a cold, and a tiny flock of temperamental pixies will cause a most untidy uproar in Broomsweep . . . and brighten Ivy’s days in ways she never could have dreamed.

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Full of innocent charm, this simply written, unpretentious fantasy will have particular appeal for children who love animals, including those celebrated in medieval heraldry.Booklist

In a story infused with gentle magic, Ivy and her grandmother Meg, a healer, live in a cluttered cottage in the otherwise pristine village of Broomsweep. . . . Coville creates a cozy fairy-tale-like atmosphere in a story that celebrates nonconformity and kindness.Publisher's Weekly

There is value in escaping to a fairyland with magical creatures and a happy ending, and readers will relish this story in which the bullies are beaten by kindness and compassion, even if it gets a little messy.Kirkus


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