The Gathered Glory


The Staggering Conclusion to the Unicorn Chronicles!


Beloved, the great and eternal enemy of the unicorns, has blasted her way into Luster by driving a tunnel though the Axis Mundi, the massive tree at the center of the world. Now all of Luster is in danger as the tree’s roots writhe in their death throes. Meanwhile, the Beloved’s Hunters are spreading through Luster, seeking unicorns to slay.

Amalia Flickerfoot, Queen of the Unicorns, has assembled the greatest gathering of unicorns in history, and is forging a desperate plan to stop Beloved. But even if the unicorns do manage to defeat Beloved, the world itself remains in danger.

In this stunning final volume, the threads of the story – the fates of Cara and her family, as well as Lightfoot, the Dimblethum, and all the other characters we’ve grown to love – come together in an epic conclusion filled with bravery, loss, hope, and heroism.

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Graumag felt a wave of apprehension as she approached Firethroat’s cave. Other than a dragonmoot once every five years, the dragons of Luster did not usually visit each other. Territory was territory, after all, and not to be transgressed upon lightly. Still, she was glad it was Firethroat that the unicorn Queen had asked her to call upon; that venerable dragon was the closest thing Graumag had to a friend among the other six dragons who lived in Luster. Though she never, these days, thought of herself as anything other than dragon, Graumag took some pleasure in this semi-friendship. There remained a human element of her heart that longed for companionship in the way that dragon hearts did not.

Once she reached Firethroat’s mountain, Graumag flew back and forth in front of the cave, waiting to be invited in . . . though in truth she could not be sure that the lady was even at home. So she was relieved when at last a voice boomed out, calling, “What is it, Graumag? Why do you come uninvited to my lair?”

“Uninvited, but not unsent,” replied Graumag. “Amalia Flickerfoot, Queen of the Unicorns, has asked me to speak to you.”

“Then I guess I must hear what it is she has to say. You may approach.”

This was not actually an invitation to enter, but it was a first step. Graumag threw back her head and blew out a gust of flame, as was proper. Then she dropped to the ledge that fronted Firethroat’s cave. She perched there, her great tail dangling down, until Firethroat said, “How is it with you, Flame Sister?”

“I am affrighted by the quakes and tremors that are tearing at Luster. And you, Flame Sister?”

Firethroat scowled. “I, too, am gravely concerned.” She paused, then said, “You may enter.”

Graumag crawled into the cave. Even in the thin mountain air it was pleasantly warm due to the older dragon’s presence. As always, Graumag was admiring of Firethroat’s burnished red scales and in awe of her size.

The two beasts stared at each other for a time — it was never entirely comfortable for dragons to share a cave. Finally Firethroat stretched her head forward. Graumag did the same, and they pressed their necks against each other, the dragon version of an embrace.

“Though I do not often wish for visitors, I am glad you have come,” said Firethroat, drawing her head back. “I have been sore troubled these last days, for I have been in Luster hundreds of years and never felt anything like this.” She cocked her head. “May I hope that you bring news?”

“I do, though, alas, it is not good. The woman Beloved has invaded Luster. To do so, she blasted an opening directly through the trunk of the Axis Mundi. That violation of the great tree is what has caused this troubling of the world.”

Firethroat groaned. “I feared it must be something of this nature, but what you have told me exceeds my worst imaginings. Does the Queen wish us to fix the tree that holds the tree together? That does not seem possible to me.”

“No, she asks for help in another way. Beloved has brought with her nearly five hundred men trained to hunt and kill the unicorns. Amalia Flickerfoot has decided rather than wait passively for the end, she will go on the attack and she has challenged Beloved to meet on field of battle near the Axis Mundi. She wants to know if you will join her in this endeavor and fight on the side of the unicorns.”

Firethroat smiled. “Now this part I actually consider good news! It is high time that the unicorns showed some fire and spirit . . . and long past time since I have had man to eat!”

Graumag winced a bit at this. Dragons had, mostly, given up eating humans some time ago. But, for Firethroat at least, the appetite had never entirely gone away. On the other claw, given what these men had come to do, she might be willing to feed a few of them to Firethroat herself!

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Due to the vagaries of publishing it has been nearly impossible to get a complete set of the Unicorn Chronicles for over a decade. Now, for the first time ever. the entire saga is available in a uniform set. A collector’s dream come true!


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