Unicorn Treasury, The


Stories, Poems, and Unicorn Lore.


Stories, Poems, and Unicorn Lore

They live!—in the heart of every true believer, in the untamed wilds of the imagination, and in the pages of this collection of stories and poems by various authors compiled and edited by master unicorn chronicler Bruce Coville.

A thief braves a deadly maze to steal helaing waters from a unicorn’s well… A princess must choose between her love of a silver colt and her love of her father, the king… A young unicorn is given a mission to heal a girl who is not sick, but who has decided to die…

Bringing together the singular talents of Madeleine L’Engle, Jane Yolen, C.S.Lewis, Myra Cohn Livingston, and many others, The Unicorn Treasuryreminds us that as long as we can dream there will be unicorns.