The Wounded Tree


The sixth volume of the revised version of the Unicorn Chronicles! This is a revised and slightly expanded version of the middle section of what was originally published as THE LAST HUNT.


If the Axis Mundi falls, can Luster survive?

 When Beloved used the magic of one of the Queen’s amulets to drive a tunnel through the great tree, she unwittingly put the entire world in danger. Now the unicorns face disaster on two fronts . . . the Hunters are spreading out in search of unicorns to kill, and at the same time the world of Luster is on the verge of tearing itself apart.

While Amalia Flickerfoot, Queen of the Unicorns, makes plans to face the Hunters, her human granddaughter, Cara, is on a mission to enlist the aid of the dragon, Graumag. At a desperate moment, Cara meets the mysterious Elihu, who presents her with the most fateful decision of her life.

Overflowing with danger, painful choices, and dazzling surprises, the enthralling sixth volume of the Unicorn Chronicles will sweep you into the heart of a fantasy world like no other!

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