Aliens Ate My Homework

For years people have been asking me . . .

when there would be a film version of one of my books. Finally I have the answer . . . and the answer is NOW! A great production team has worked with might and main to bring ALIENS ATE MY HOMEWORK to the screen. I had the good fortune to spend a week on set, along with my wife, Kathy, who created the illustrations for the book and designed the alien crew. I even got to do a cameo appearance in the film!



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A cameo appearance by yours truly!

Principal J. Carter
When I came home and told a friend that I had a cameo, he asked, “What did they have you do, be the cranky old principal?” Well, as a matter of fact . . . yes!

The Official Trailer!

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Exclusive Trailer: William Shatner Introduces ‘Aliens Ate My Homework’

William Shatner has gone from Starfleet captain to alien visitor. The iconic actor introduces a new trailer for his latest film ‘Aliens Ate My Homework’.

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A few photos from the movie set