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Leland and William Kepsel from Wellington wrote on October 25, 2018:
Dear Mr. Coville,
Sequel please! We just finished reading Always October and are bursting at the seams to know what Jacobs monster form is. It has sparked a constant conversation about our own monster forms. What would your monster form be? Our mom thinks that you should solve the problem of Jakes dad coming home by having his mom find out about Always October by breaking the rules and having Luna take her through the barrier. (We're happy for Jake and his mom but we'll miss Sploot Fah as a character.)
Thank you for the book, we really loved reading it and hope you have a second book in the works.
Leland (10) and William (7)
Reply by Bruce Coville
Leland and William -

Oh, how I loved reading this message! ALWAYS OCTOBER was a special project for me, partly because it was my 100th book. I also thought it was one of my best. But my publisher never put it into paperback, which is where most kids discover my books, so it is not very well known. Which was a big disappointment for me. So your message makes me very, very happy!

Sadly, because of the things I listed above, a sequel is unlikely. Being in hardcover only means the book has not sold enough copies for the publisher to want another story. (I know, it's crazy - they did something that kept the book from selling, and because it didn't sell more they don't want another. It's a nutty business!)

Thankfully, you clearly have very vivid imaginations, so you can invent and play around with idea about what happens next to your hearts' content. I hope you will have fun doing so!

your friend,
Bruce Coville