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Heidi from Everett wrote on November 29, 2018:
Dear Mr. Bruce,
I read The Weeping Werewolf and my favorite character was Moongobble. I liked him because I like the part when he turned every thing into cheese. I love drawing and writing stories about my family. Also, how is New York? What school do your kids go to and if they don't then tell me how old they are? Thank you Bruce for writing great stories.

5th grade
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hi, Heidi -
Thanks for this message. I'm delighted to know that you enjoyed THE WEEPING WEREWOLF, which I think is probably my own favorite of the five books in the series.
My kids are all grown now - they are 37, 43, and 48 years old! (I won't even mention how old I am now!)

Best wishes,