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911 entries.
3rd Grade Students from East Hartford wrote on November 8, 2019
Dear Mr. Coville,
We are currently reading My Teacher is an Alien and we LOVE it. It is very dramatic and has great details that let us visualize what is happening. We are practicing our prediction and summarizing skills after each chapter. We are halfway through the book, and are excited to read the next book in the series. We would love to share our visualization and prediction work with you.
Hope to hear from you soon,

Mrs. Everett's 3rd grade
Reply by Bruce Coville
Ahoy, Mrs. Everett's 3rd Grade -
Thanks for this great message. I am delighted to know how much you are enjoying MY TEACHER IS AN ALIEN.
I used to teach 4th grade myself, and working with books with my kids was one of the great joys of my life, so I am delighted (and I think you are lucky!) that your teacher is using real books with you guys.
What do you have in mind for sharing your work with me? Mailing it, or sending it on line? Let me know and I will tell you the best way forward.

your friend,
Bruce Coville
Casey Jones from Charlotte wrote on November 6, 2019
Dear Bruce,
In Escape from the grownup world my boyfriend reads to me each night from a book of my choosing. So, in looking for a book more his granddaughter’s age level I saw Diary of a Mad Brownie. Brilliant! Sir, we loved this delightful story: touch of mystery, loving family, fun interactions. The Pink Horror was most laughable. Thank you.
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hi, Casey -
Well, first off, the boyfriend sounds like a keeper! I love the thought of the nightly readings - and double love that MAD BROWNIE ended up being one of the read-alouds. I laughed a lot myself when I was writing that one. Really glad to know you enjoyed it! Thank for letting me know.

madison from La Canada wrote on November 4, 2019
Dear, Bruce Coville
I really love your book Jeremy thatcher dragon hatcher. Are you going to write another book? I think Tiamat was really funny. Would you like to have a dragon as a pet? You are an awesome author. Thanks for making reading so fun.
From, Madison
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hi, Madison -
Thanks for this message. I'm delighted that you loved JEREMY THATCHER, DRAGON HATCHER.
You asked if I am going to write another book. Well, I am always writing, and have written many other books. However if you mean will I write another book about Jeremy and Tiamat, the answer is probably no. I feel that I have told their story.
Would I like to have dragon as a pet? Oh, yes, indeed. Except I don't think dragons can truly be pets. They are too wild and free for that!

Your friend,
Bruce Coville
Arianna from Everett wrote on October 30, 2019
Hi Bruce,

I just finished reading The Weeping Werewolf at school and my favorite character was Moongobble. I liked him because he tried his best to do magic. When did you make this book?

Also, do you celebrate Halloween or Christmas? If you celebrate Halloween, do you dress up? I'm being a vampire for Halloween.

Where do you live? Have you ever been to Washington?

5th Grader
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hi, Arianna -

I'm glad to know you enjoyed "The Weeping Werewolf." You asked when I made the book. Instead of giving you the answer, I will tell you how you can always check on something like that. One of the pages at the front of the book is called the copyright page. Copyright is a law the protects an author and keeps people from stealing his or her work. If you look at the copyright page it will tell you the year of the copyright. That will also be the year when the book was first published.

I totally love Halloween! I have a black cape that I wear to answer the door for Trick or Treaters. Sometimes I have a skull mask that I wear with it. It is nicely creepy.

Happy reading
Natalie from Everett wrote on October 24, 2019
Dear Mr Coville,
I finished ready The Weeping Werewolf and I thought it was really interesting. I always wonder how you came up with that story. How did you? I liked it when Moongobble cried, "Iggle! Biggle! Makka Stikglo!" It was funny because he messed up. Where is your favorite place to write stories?

Grade 5
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hi, Natalie -

I'm really glad to know you enjoyed "The Weeping Werewolf" I had some surprises while I was writing the story - including figuring out who the werewolf really was!

The big trick in writing is to think of interesting characters, give them a problem, and then see what happens!

All best,
Anya from Everett wrote on October 24, 2019
Dear Mr. Coville
Hello my name is Anya. I finished the book: The Weeping Werewolf, I thought the book was AMAZING!!!! My favorite character was the Rusty Knight, he's funny!
What is your favorite character? And why?
What is your first book you have wrote?
Do you have pet, if not what pet would you want?

From, Anya
5 grade!
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hi, Anya -

Nice to hear from you, and I'm delighted to know that you enjoyed "The Weeping Werewolf" I really shouldn't choose a favorite character (it's like saying which of my kids I love most!) but I have to admit that I have a special fondness for Urk. His crankiness makes him really fun to write.

The first book I wrote was called "The Sword and the Citadel" But it was never published. Often the first book is for practice. The first published book was "The Foolish Giant."

Keep readin'

yamileth from Everett wrote on October 24, 2019
Dear Mr.Coville,
I just finished reading the Weeping Werewolf! It was a really good book. I liked the part when Edward stood up for the Weeping Werewolf. Whats your favorite book that u wrote?My favorite character is Edward because he will will always wants to help out! How long dose it take u to make a book? Do u have any Pets at home?! Have a nice day!

grade 5th
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hi, Yamileth -

I'm so glad you liked "The Weeping Werewolf" It was really fun to write.

Every book takes a different amount of time to write - even books that are exactly the same length! This is not like making a birdhouse, where you have a set plan and do the same thing each time. I never know when I start how long a book is going to take.

I have three cats, all of them quite cuddly.

Aisha from everett wrote on October 24, 2019
Dear Coville,
Hi my name is Aisha and one part like about the book is when Edward stood up to the old lady . Do you have a pet? What is your favorite book?What is your favorite spot that you write? I liked reading The Weeping Werewolf.

5 grade Aisha.
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hi, Aisha -

Thanks for your message. I'm really glad that you liked "The Weeping Werewolf"

I have two places that I write. One is in my house, where I have an office upstairs. Sometimes it is hard to work there because my baby granddaughter lives with me and she loves to come up and play on my desk. The other place is a real office, where I go to work. I don't just write there, I do a lot of other things - like answering my mail!

Rashea from Everett wrote on October 24, 2019
Dear Mr. Coville,
I read your book The Weeping Werewolf and I would like to ask a couple questions like do you have a pet? Do you have a favorite book? How long does it take to write a book? Do you like sports or what is your favorite spot to write at?

Rashea your friend
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hi, Rashea

I am so happy that you enjoyed "The Weeping Werewolf" I definitely had a good time writing it. All of those characters are fun to work with.

There is no good answer to the question "How long does it take to write a book" because every book is different. Sometimes a book just pours out and I can write it quickly. That doesn't happen often, though. Sometimes it takes months, or even years, to get a book completely finished.

I hope you will keep reading my books!

carlos from everett wrote on October 24, 2019
Dear Coville,
Hi! My name is Carlos I am a fifth grader at Odyssey Elementary and I am a fan of The Weeping Werewolf. I have some questions for you. Whats you're favorite sport, Your favorite color and why did you make the were wolf Edwards dad, and whats you're favorite bock and why?

From Carlos
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hi, Carlos -

Thanks for your message. As to your questions - I do not really have a favorite sport now. I am too busy doing things to watch much on TV. When I was in college I was on the fencing team (sword fighting!) which I loved.

I made the werewolf Edward's dad because I thought it was a cool idea and that my readers would like it!