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Joab from Everett wrote on October 24, 2019:
Dear Bruce,
My name is Joab. I am in 5 grade in Odyssey. I just finished The Weeping Werewolf. I loved it. My favorite character was Edward because he talked back to the witch.So what inspired you to write fantasy books? And what was your first fantasy book? What age did you start to write fantasy books?
Thank for Writting this book From Joab
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hi, Joab -

I am delighted that you loved "The Weeping Werewolf" It was so much fun to write. It was also fun because my wife made the illustrations, so we got to talk about it a lot while we were working on it.

What inspired me to write fantasy books was . . . fantasy books! I loved reading fantasy, so when I started to write myself it was natural for me to write in that genre.

I started writing fantasy when I was in high school. I didn't publish a book until I was 28. That first book was called "The Foolish Giant"