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937 entries.
Byron Lee from Skaneateles, New York USA wrote on February 15, 2013
hey Bruce! an opinion question if you don't mind.
in my book. not only does the Welterr empire have the brotherhood to help them, but they also have a strong military, including an army and navy.
i heard of two high navy ranks... Fleet Admiral, and Grand Admiral.
though i am going to use both ranks in the book, i had contemplation's of which rank should be higher. most of the people i talked to said Grand Admiral sounded higher than Fleet Admiral.
but i'd like your opinion as well. Out of Fleet Admiral and Grand Admiral, which one sounds like the higher rank to you?
thanks for everything!
Byron Lee
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hi, Byron -

Ah, now we have hit an important point. Even when writing fantasy literature, you will be using real life things (such as the navy). Which means that you must do your research. Really, even a book that comes almost entirely from your imagination involves research. You're lucky, in that research is much easier now in the age of the internet than it was when I started.

In this case, the real question is not which rank sounds higher to me (that would be Grand Admiral) but which is really higher. So you need to study the structure of rank in the Navy.

This is a really important thing for a young writer to realize. Research is your friend!

All best

Grace from Lagos, Nigeria wrote on February 15, 2013
Dear Mr. Coville,
My class loves you. We read your short story, the metamorphosis of Joe Jones. it was really good. I love your vivid titles and how they are very interesting. In fact, my whole class is assigned to make a cover of a book( we aren't really writing it) that use really vivid titles. Mine is the day all the numbers dissapeared. In fact, i even think the whole grade is doing that. That shows how much we show that you have awesome titles.
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hi, Grace -

Sorry for the blank message just before this. My computer did something goofy and I can't figure out how to undo it!

I'm delighted that you liked "Metamorphosis" - it's a story I'm particularly proud of. I think your "vivid title" book cover assignment sounds really interesting. Hope you have a great time doing it!

Julie from lagos,Nigeria wrote on February 14, 2013
oh, and Happy Valentines Day.
Reply by Bruce Coville
Thank you. I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day, too!
Julie from lagos,Nigeria wrote on February 14, 2013
Dear Bruce,
I'm excited that you are going to come to AISL. I love your book My Teachers an Alien!
Reply by Bruce Coville
I'm excited about coming to AISL, too! And I'm really glad that you like MY TEACHER IS AN ALIEN. You can ask me some questions about it when I get there!

Grace from Lagos, Nigeria wrote on February 14, 2013
How long will you be in Lagos? So far, are you enjoying your stay in Africa?
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hi, Grace -

I don't have my schedule right in front of me, but I think I will be in Lagos for three days. As to Africa . . . I love being here. I have wanted to visit this continent for more than 50 years!

someone from USA wrote on February 14, 2013
were you a good student when you went to school? Were you a A student?
Reply by Bruce Coville
I was a pretty good student. Usually A's, but not always!

Anonoymous from USA wrote on February 14, 2013
How do you think of ideas? Is it challenging to think of ideas? What is your process of thinking of ideas?
Reply by Bruce Coville
Idea are all around you. The trick is not thinking of ideas - they come when they feel like it. The trick is to write them down when they DO come. A lot of people have ideas, but they don't save them, and then they are lost!
Grace from Lagos, Nigeria wrote on February 13, 2013
I am so excited for you to come see us in Nigeria. I go to AISL (American international school of Lagos). My teacher tells me you are coming to seee us. No author has ever been to Nigeria. I am in 5th grade. Hopefuly i will see you.
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hi, Grace -

I'm very excited about coming to your school, too! I am fairly sure you will see me while I am there - fifth grade is home territory for me.

I'll look forward to meeting you.

All best,

ore agoro wrote on February 13, 2013
i like goblins in the castles
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hi, Ore -

I'm so glad you like GOBLINS IN THE CASTLE - especially because right now I am working on a sequel to it!

Carol Aronoff from Ewing, NJ USA wrote on February 12, 2013
Have a safe and enjoyable trip in Africa. We will miss you at Boskone. As always we tell people with kids and grand-kids to read you. Be well.
Carol Aronoff
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hi, Carol -

I'm definitely going to miss being at Boskone, and seeing you and your wonderful family. I think this will be the first one I've missed in about 25 years. But this trip to Africa was too good to pass up. Please give my regards to Bill and Samuel and Matthew. See you next year!